More about Vietnam.


Vietnamese (Photo credit: raneko)

I had some more thoughts and now have time to be a little more coherent.

Growing up, the Vietnam War, was what our beloved CBS news anchor, Uncle Walter, Walter Cronkite started the news with every evening.

It was somewhere out there.  The ground war took place mainly in South Vietnam.  North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia were forbidding places the bad guys came from.  Especially, when they came down the Ho Chi Minh trail, named after the founder of Communist North Vietnam.

I was sixteen when the war ended.  In 1975, my senior year of high school was filled with the Communists working their way down to Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City and the chaos that ensued.

My interest in things Vietnamese changed when my favorite cousin, Yona was wearing the POW bracelet of one Thomas McNish.  She met him when he came home and he proposed to her at a reception President Nixon had for the returning POW’s.  He proposed to her in the Green Room of the White House.

I’ve never met any Vietnamese people, except for eating in Vietnamese restaurants.

My Cousin Tom was in the Hanoi Hilton, with people, such as my Senator, John McCain.

Last Sunday, I had the brainstorm.  As a bucket list trip, I would like to visit Vietnam.  Especially the Hanoi Hilton.  The history buff in me wants to bring this home.

I am asking my readers to respond.


Have you been to Vietnam?  Were you there as a soldier?  If you have not been, would you like to go and what would you like to see there?  You are restricted to the questions I just asked.







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