What Happens, if We Stop Paying Attention to Supreme Court Decisions?

Portrait of Andrew Jackson, the seventh presid...

Portrait of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States Deutsch: Andrew Jackson, siebter Präsident der USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Something to seriously consider, with the two latest rulings.  President Andrew Jackson was famous for ignoring a Supreme Court ruling.  The court ruled against President Jackson’s desire to forcibly move the Cherokee nation to Oklahoma.

Jackson’s response?  “The court made it’s ruling, but who commands the army?  Let the court enforce it.”

Our system is based on a sense of trust.  Let’s ask a hypothetical question.  What if, a particular region sees what is happening as 1775 all over again.  Thomas Jefferson said citizens should rebel against their government if it became oppressive.

If this is true, say for the sake of argument, said region decides it will not enforce the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.  What then?

Just asking.


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2 Responses to What Happens, if We Stop Paying Attention to Supreme Court Decisions?

  1. As always, well written – a very interesting & worthwhile thought about our nation”s highest court. I fear chaos & considering the current extremist on both sides of the political spectrum a REAL “slippery slope” toward a break down of judicial oversight should SCOTUS be marginalized!

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