I am Murdered.

English: The last will and testament of George...

English: The last will and testament of George Wythe of Virginia, in which he leaves his books and his “small philosophical apparatus” to President Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson Papers, Series 1, The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, not yet, but some may be tempted.  🙂  This is the title of a book by historian Bruce Chadwick.

George Wythe was a major figure in Virginia.  Law Professor, Judge; he was the mentor and surrogate father (he had no children of his own), to Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe, among others.  He freed his slaves, and believed in African-American equality, long before it was fashionable.  (At the time of his death, he was tutoring a young African-American man, who was living with him in Richmond).

I lived in Virginia for four years (1986-1990).  I lived in Boykins, Virginia, in Southampton County.  Southampton is where the Nat Turner rebellion occurred.    I worked for the Walter Cecil Rawls Library (Now, the Blackwater Regional Library).  I have a Facebook friend, writer Nancy Naigle, who lives in Drewryville, Southampton County.   Please also check out my friends who are opening Belle Grove, James Madison’s birthplace in Port Conway as a bed and breakfast.

OK, enough of the personal stuff.  Back to the book.  Richmond in 1806 was still a frontier town.  The capital of Virginia was moved upstream on the James River from Williamsburg, because it was felt it was safer from foreign (read British) attack.  Another idea of Thomas Jefferson.  George Wythe had been a professor at William and Mary, but the college went downhill with the move of the capital.  He was a judge in Richmond.

Richmond was a rough place, with all sorts of recent arrivals.  There was (and still is a major Jewish community.  Think Congressman Eric Cantor).

Always respected and beloved, he became ill and told his friends, who attended him, I am murdered.

It reads like a novel.  I will give nothing further away.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading it now!

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