Antoinette Tuff

English: Decatur, GA Courthouse

English: Decatur, GA Courthouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You didn’t think anyone could write anymore about Antoinette Tuff.  I wasn’t going to, but will now.

I have good memories of Decatur, Georgia and my attending the Moonlight and Magnolia Writers conference in 2011.  I was saddened by what happened no matter what, my what happened in Decatur made it personal.

After what happened in Newtown, Connecticut, The National Rifle Association lobbied for guards in every school and teachers with firearm training.

That’s fine, but how will follow up training be enforced?  Can a teacher make the argument, “If I wanted to be a cop, I would be a cop?”

We would need all sorts of extra regulation to make it work.

I could not do what Antoinette Tuff did.  I know I couldn’t.  I know in my case, it probably would’ve become physical and I would’ve died.

None of these cases are an all or none.  I don’t even want to think of how long the odds of Antoinette Tuff coming out alive were.  We know brave teachers like Victoria Soto in Newtown, Connecticut did not survive protecting the kids and some kids didn’t survive.

It’s no use arguing with a crazy person.  Maybe there is a career for Antoinette in negotiating.  She wasn’t trained to do it, she was just being herself.

As Americans, we like the hero(ine) who comes out of nowhere.  A bookkeeper, who suddenly had to become the keeper of the school.  The one human body between a disturbed man and another school massacre.

Australia and the U.K. have successfully controlled assault weapons getting in the wrong hands.  If this didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have gotten to know Antoinette, but I will bet if you asked her what she thinks about the publicity, she would probably tell you, she could live a long and happy life without it.

Again, what happened in Newtown and Decatur are on a case by case basis.  It depends on both gunman and people on the wrong end of the guns.  That school was lucky Antoinette Tuff was the person on the wrong end.


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  1. Hey you should post her picture !!! The hero deserves to be recognized.

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