Sometimes The Dragon Wins.

English: Doune Castle: Late c14 Stewart strong...

English: Doune Castle: Late c14 Stewart stronghold Also the location for parts of the film ‘Monty Python & the Holy Grail’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We can’t fix the bouts all the time, so sometimes the dragon wins.  I love the cartoon with the Dragon licking off the Knight’s sword and the armor everywhere.  Remember the saying, “There be dragons.”  They like you crunchy with fries and ketchup on the side.

I am imagining Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  King Arthur comes up to the bridge.  The Dragon greets him, with “None shall pass,” in a rough English North Country accent.

“Right,” Arthur cries and draws the sword.  The voice of the dragon suddenly changes to Eddie Murphy.  “Oh man’ you think you can take me with that jive ass sword?  I’m having Shish Kebab tonight!”

King Arthur lasts all of about ten seconds.  The Dragon can’t enjoy his Shish Kebab, cause he likes his humans with Ketchup and Fries.  What does he do?  Heads to McDonalds.

“We don’t serve dragons,” the manager said.

The Manager is burned to a crisp, the Golden Arches melted and the Dragon eats all the fries and ketchup and the skewered meat on a Shish Kebab stick, I mean sword.

Moral of story.  Beware.  Sometimes, the dragon wins.


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