A House Divided Cannot Stand.

English: Photograph of President of the United...

English: Photograph of President of the United States Abraham Lincoln seated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A House Divided Cannot Stand.  You have Abraham Lincoln

giving that amazing speech.  The subject came up today when I asked my friend Jillian about what she would do if she were President.  (She would make it could one, just on thinking and common sense, which ain’t so common these days).  She said A House Divided.

Aren’t we all Americans, or am I missing something?  I am going to quote Rodney King.  “Can’t we all just get along?”  Whatever else you may have thought about Rodney King’s life, that quote says a lot.

If Congress and the White House can’t have a civil conversation, time for the American people to work it out with common sense.  If we don’t speak out, we are the problem, and we are letting things go only where the money is.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Thanks for being my muse on this one, Jillian.


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6 Responses to A House Divided Cannot Stand.

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    If we don’t speak out, we are the problem, and we are letting things go only where the money is.

    Division is sometimes unavoidable. As the Bible explains, none of us are good. We each sin. Nevertheless, we have the choice to choose the ways of God over sin, and when some of us choose sin and some of us choose the way of God, we must become divided.

    Consider the subject of Lincoln’s speech. http://www.mrlincolnandfreedom.org/inside.asp?ID=18&subjectID=2

    Some demanded the spread of slavery, an abomination. Others demanded its end. One side could not see beyond slavery’s material benefits to the master. These refused to acknowledge — blinded themselves — to the evil of the deed. The other side saw the abomination — a sin hateful to God. These refused to become complicit in the sin of slavery; they did not want that black stain upon their souls. Thus began a great division.

    And so our nation divided itself. Our people fought each other and suffered. Many were maimed and many died in the great war that followed, A century and a half has passed, and still we still grieve. Yet without the choice some made to oppose slavery — to divide themselves from its proponents — what would be the state of our souls today? Are we not glad that so many opposed the evil of slavery?

    • tucsonmike says:

      On that score, you are right, Citizen Tom. We are glad so many opposed the evil that was slavery in the United States. I was using that phrase about the House Divided more for today. Americans need to unite on what we can work on together, seeing as the leaders who we elect seem to not want to play in the sandbox together. You are correct that sometimes division is unavoidable. Sometimes a divorce is needed. We would never have had the large slave society that grew but for one man. Eli Whitney.

      • Citizen Tom says:

        Before we use these catch phrases, we need to think about what they mean in practice.

        Why do “Americans need to unite on what we can work on together:? How is that suppose to happen? Generally, when politicians speak in such terms, their idea is to tax us and waste our money on some program that is suppose to solve all our problems.

        Why do we abhor slavery? Isn’t because the master-slave relationship is based upon brutal force? When government forces us to pay taxes, are we not enslaved to pay those taxes? Before we unite behind some government program, should we not first consider the morality of forcing the unwilling to pay for the program?

        Because there is a proven alternative, we should be driven only by greatest necessity to set up a government program. What’s that alternative? We can unite in voluntary associations. We can each pick our own causes, and we can freely unite with people who share our concerns and beliefs.

  2. tucsonmike says:

    Yes, allow people to unite for common interests. Government can do certain things well, Why I said to leave politicians out of this. Citizens need to do more to work for interests and tell politicians what they want. Big money is a problem in American politics today by the politician going for the money.

    • Citizen Tom says:

      I suppose I may seem to be quibbling, but the point is important. Consider. Big money is a problem, but is the “BIG” money what most people think?

      Compare the size of the Federal Budget with campaign contributions and such. Then think about what it takes to win an election. Votes, right? Campaign contributions do make a difference, but what makes the greatest difference is when we allow our votes to be bought with “other people’s money.”

      While there are some necessary services provided by government, we have the capacity to barter for and make most of the things we need without government help. Instead of telling politicians what we want, we are for the most part best off if we just tell our leaders what we truly need from them. We need government to help us protect each others God-given rights.

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