Celtic Lost Causes

Portrait of Gen. Robert E. Lee, officer of the...

Portrait of Gen. Robert E. Lee, officer of the Confederate Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was thumbing through my copy of Jim Webb‘s Born Fighting, about the Scots-Irish in the United States and a book about Robert E. Lee I was reading.  (I may create a workshop about Robert E. Lee and what writers may learn from him.  That’s another post).

This made me think of the Celts and Lost Causes.  I thought of six off the top of my head.

1.  44 B.C.  Gaul.  Vercingetorix loses to Julius Caesear.  Ya gotta give it to the Celts.  Women out with the men, all painted blue, screaming like banshees (A Celtic word for you).   The Celts had spirit and heart (Or as Monty Pythons version of Christ in Life of Brian has Pontius Pilate say, the webel has spiwit.  Another case of Python ruining my life).   But as the Wizard of Oz would have said, in this case, they lacked discipline.

Roman Discipline won out over Celtic passion.  Result, Gaul was Roman.

2.  An outraged Celtic woman in 60 A.D.  Boudicca in England.  She lost in the end, but gave the the Romans a giant campfire called Colchester.

3.  Bonnie Prince Charlie and Culloden, 1745.  There was a lost cause and massacre for you.  This cause the beginning of breaking the Scots Highland Clans.

4.  The American Civil War.  Rebel Yells and the defeat of the Confederacy.  Luckily, Robert E. Lee had a cooler head and prevented the men being dispatched into the Southern Appalachians to fight a never ending guerrilla war.  Which leads me to number five.

5.  Northern Ireland.  My only question being; Was that a lost cause for both sides.

6.  Boston busing crisis 1974.  Celts wound up, by another Celt,a judge.

I may think of more.


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5 Responses to Celtic Lost Causes

  1. Roel says:

    Although Celts may have had these lost causes they have won in a certain sense with a lot of influence in Europe. Some of the most important names of countries and places are of Celtic origin and the French language has a lot of Celtic influence.

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