Will No One Rid Us of This Meddlesome George Zimmerman?

Will no one rid us of this meddlesome George Zimmerman?  Click on Washington Post for the first article.  He’s like the elementary school kid, who’s constantly looking for attention and disrupting the class.

Then the Florida police chief who thinks George is a Sandy Hook or Aurora waiting to happen.  Click on Daily News


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5 Responses to Will No One Rid Us of This Meddlesome George Zimmerman?

  1. JanCorey says:

    George Zimmerman is an American hero to all of those that choose Justice over criminal activity.

    • tucsonmike says:

      With all due respect, two things: 1. The entire trial could have been avoided if he stayed in his car. 2. How do you explain his recent behavior?

      • JanCorey says:

        Tucsonmike, with all due respect, two things: 1. The entire trial could have been avoided if Trayvon had not committed a felony-crime against victim-Zimmerman, he committed no crime by following a potential law-breaker. 2. How do you explain Zimmerman’s non-criminal, according to the police behavior? See? When you use facts on this topics, you make yourself out to be nothing more than a fool Tucs, imo, again with all due respects.

      • tucsonmike says:

        Number one, Trayvon Martin was staying with his father who lives there. Oh Trayvon Martin was no saint, agreed, but if George Zimmerman just stayed in his vehicle and let the cops do their job. How do you explain George Zimmerman’s other behavior? No, I disagree respectfully with my African-American friends. George Zimmerman is not a racist. He is a hyped up cop wannabe and his present actions show more.

      • JanCorey says:

        Thank God that Trayvon is now dead as a direct result of his own felonious actions as proven in a court of Law. Now, it’s time to lock up both his parents for not supervising their predator-son who was high on dope at the time of his latest law violations. Let this be a lesson to his friends that crime does not pay and to support Trayvon in any positive sense only means that those supporting him are also law-violators. There are more bullets circulating in the law-abiding-people-group than there are law-violators-group, wonder which side will ultimately triumph. I can’t wait to run into the next law-violator.

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