The Chosen Few II. Some of My Interpretations.

Yesterday, I wrote about the book The Chosen Few

Here is the broken down premise.  Universal male literacy was desired in the community.  You are a poor farmer.  Farming in that era, doesn’t require literacy.  Do you pay for your son to go to school?  If you do, he probably wont be a farmer anymore.  If you can’t or wont pay and you become an outcast in the Jewish community, do you then convert to another religion, which lets you stay on the farm, and doesn’t require literacy.

Fast forward 2000 years.  The Jewish population dropped in the first centuries after Christ, due to conversions.  We get to the modern Middle East.  I thought of this after thumbing through Jim Webb‘s Born Fighting and about how the Scots-Irish Americans knowingly or not, have carried on traditions going back to the Scots fighting the Romans.

Today, DNA shows us, the ancestors of the Palestinians (and maybe much of the Iraqi population) had Jewish ancestors who converted.  (Read the book for more).  I can’t prove this, but I am surmising, could the Palestinian hatred toward Israel go all the way back to when their ancestors converted?

They may not know it on a consciousness level any more, but that begs a question.  If true then, the Palestinians see the two-state solution as step one in taking out the Jews.  Notice, I said the Jews not Israel. For if I am right, that’s what it boils down too and this is a 2000 year old, who gets to do what and to which and to whom.

Along with Britain and France carving up the Middle East after World War I, is this a case of a handed down, wanting revenge?   Revenge for their ancestors being snubbed, when they wouldn’t educate their sons.

I am doing this as the old story of “Follow the money.”


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