Who Bothers Blind People?

I ride the bus occasionally with a blind couple.  Today, they were on my bus.  I was horrified when they told me how often they are bothered.

Has civilization dropped to a new low?  Who bothers blind people?  What kind of uncivilized coward do you have to be?

The man told me, he was outside where he works.  He was there with his tools (he tunes pianos for a living).  If you look @ him he is obviously blind (one eye is unnaturally shut, the other stares straight ahead).  A cop came up to him and asked what he was doing out that early in the morning.  Curt told him.  The cop asked why he should believe him.  Luckily, Curt’s boss drove up and rolled down the window.  “Does he work for you,”  the cop asked.  “Yes, for ten years dude,” the boss replied.

I hope that cop was embarrassed.  Either he doesn’t do well with people or it was strictly a power trip and he was caught with his pants down.  HA HA!!

It would be nice if the cops were around at the nearby shopping complex where we live.  The homeless who hang out there shake them down for money, Curt’s wife Theresa is propositioned regularly by these bums at the complex and near where she works, where one grabbed her hand and pulled it down to rub his genitals.  Are you serious?

They have been bothered on the bus twice.  Once, they tried to sit in the handicapped seats behind the driver.  When they asked the woman sitting there to move, she hiked up her pants to expose a handgun.  Threatening a blind couple with a handgun?  That takes courage.  (I probably really mean Chutzpah).  Yesterday, another woman yelled at them for not using our handicapped bus service.  Who asked her?

Makes me wonder about some people.



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2 Responses to Who Bothers Blind People?

  1. Just when I think there might be hope for humanity….

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