The Gang of Four, Jews, Chinese Food, and Birobidzhan?

English: Birobidzhan railroad station Русский:...

English: Birobidzhan railroad station Русский: Вокзал станции Биробиджан (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Gang of Four, Jews, Chinese Food, and Birobidzhan?  Seems like a rather odd combination.

Yesterday I was on my Sun Tran bus to work, with my acquaintance James Ma.  Somehow the subject of Mao Tse-Tung and the Little Red Book came up.  Oh yes, I remember.  The driver handed us a card saying, as of October 14th, the bugs with the new Sun Go system will be worked out and no more excuses will be accepted for not having a Sun Go card.  The two of us were trying to come up with a rap for a Sun Tran commercial.  Alas, here we are being politically incorrect.  A middle aged Chinese and Jewish man trying to come up with a rap.  It’s pretty sad.

As Eric Idle says in Spamalot, ” if you don’t want to lose…you won’t succeed on Broadway if you don’t have any Jews.”

Well to take that to another level, you wont succeed without blacks in rap.  (I will probably get a rap on the head, but that’s later).  (I know, Chinese and Jewish guys can’t jump and have no rhythm.  There, I said it for you and beat you to the punch).

Then James brought up the Gang of Four who were brought down to make way for Chinese reforms, after the death of Mao.

I told him four is not a gang, but a quartet.  They could play Vivaldi, if they had musical instruments.  I also told him, there weren’t even enough for a Minyan, the Jewish prayer group.

Cheeky James came up with a solution.  Jews and Chinese food.  Very clever.  Bring more Jews in for the Chinese food.  Then I rememberd.  Birobidzhan, the Jewish homeland created by Stalin is on the Chinese border (The Amur River).

This isn’t a case of the Jews getting lost because they didn’t ask for directions.  Stalin said GO!  Asshole.  I wish I could dig him up and punch his skeleton, I care not a whit what Vlad the Impaler Putin thinks.

If you know the story of Fiddler on the Roof, the second daughter marries the radical and off to Siberia they go.

Mama wants a fur coat.  No fancy furrier here.  Papa has become Daniel Boone.  He will be back three weeks later and make the coat himself.

And all that Chinese food nearby…



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