My Take on the Future of American Football.

English: Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett F...

English: Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre during on-field warmups at Ralph B. Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York, prior to a game against the Buffalo Bills on November 5, 2006. Français : Brett Favre, quarterback des Green Bay Packers, avant un jeu contre le Buffalo Bills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just finished David Maraniss‘ book, When Pride Still Mattered, about Vince Lombardi.

I was also surfing the net, learning about what the scouting combine looks for in the different positions.

I know I wouldn’t have made it on a high school team now.  I do have a thought, though.  Football does teach certain life lessons, such as teamwork, working through adversity and getting up when knocked down.  In my case, this is also a case of “Youth is wasted on the young.”  Click on  for what football brings to young men.  I might have stuck with it.  Would never have been very good, but might have learned some life lessons as a teenager, I ended up learning the hard way when I was older.

I get it about the serious injuries.  Maybe have intermural grow, to keep the life lessons for kids, without the hard driving aiming to play for a higher level, all the way to the pros.

Now, I am going to cross some lines.  As much as I enjoy University of Alabama football, thanks to my beloved cousin, Yona McNish and my many Bama writer friends.  Do you need to have your player go to University to make the NFL?

In my fantasy as an NFL owner, I know what I would look for.  I realize with all the injuries, only the poorest of the poor for the most part will pursue football’s limelight.  If I were an NFL owner, I would do the following:  Many of this, one may find a bit Orwellian, but I have some strange cross interests.  Before I get there though, here is an article on psychology and players.  Click on Green Bay Packers.

For example, Defensive Lineman.  It’s true, you need them rebellious and a little crazy like junkyard dogs.  You have to find a way to control that aggression.  You want your Defensive Lineman to point across scrimmage and threaten the quarterback in one gulp, (and be able to carry that threat out).  Think of the 2000 song, “Who Let The Dogs Out?”    Linebackers are somewhat more disciplined.

If you have heard about the “Leadership Gene” some geneticists have found, maybe you can have quarterbacks tested for it.

Genetics provide a building block.  The player still has to have the training.

If I Ran the Zoo, to quote Dr. Seuss, sorry I mean an NFL team, I would set up training academies, like baseball teams have in the Dominican Republic.  I would have such academies scattered throughout the area, in which I owned my team.  I would have them in the poorest toughest areas.  The kids would be carefully recruited.  They would get psychological testing, genetic testing and aptitude testing.  They would get academics in the academy, as well as football.  I would want the toughest kids, who are willing to  sacrifice, get hurt, see football as a chance and be willing to deal with hardship.  I would also set up academies overseas to teach the game, academics and to look for more players.  There’s a certain threshold, where a young man may learn life lessons, but not go on to get banged up.

If anyone has other ideas, please feel free to add, debate, etc.



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