Update on the Charton Family Ancestry Search.

I filled in some more things, as I have towns in Europe.  The common element?  The towns my mother’s parents and father’s great-grandparents came from were once in Poland.  Now, they are in Ukraine and Belarus.

Europe is full of places like that.  Alsace-Lorraine, Transylvania, to name two.

Now, I live in the one place in the United States that has something like that; the American Southwest, which was Spanish, then Mexican, and since the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the 1853 Gadsden Purchase, part of the United States.

Journalist Anne Applebaum told a story of a 92 year man, who never left his village, but was ruled by five different governments.  I can’t even imagine.  Well gee, I didn’t move, but they changed things around on me.

Besides Charton, the other names I have are Wolfman, Israel, Halpern and Honig.  It’s an interesting journey, but I need to limit it, so I can get my writing done.

Charton is an occupational surname.  The English equivalent would be Carter.  Israel and Wolfman are obvious.   Honig is a German name meaning a honey seller.  Halpern is from Helperin and Heilbronner.  Heilbrunn is a city in Germany.  The Ukrainian cities are Przemyslavny and Bela Tserkov in Ukraine, Mazyr in Belarus.

Some of my readers know I have been in Poland.  This is another possible adventure in that part of the world.




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2 Responses to Update on the Charton Family Ancestry Search.

  1. It is interesting what you learn by doing family research.

    I came across this type of thing in my own genealogy. I was looking at one person. In one census, it said he was from France. In another, it said he was from Germany. I only could make sense of this when I saw a third census that mentioned Alsace. With a quick web search, I came across the history of Alsace-Lorraine.

    The German-French border regions are quite fascinating from a historical perspective. All border regions are fascinating, but that particular border region has had massive change over history. I also have some family from the English-Scottish border. Both these border regions were created by Roman expansionism.

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