The Story of the Human Body by Daniel Lieberman

Daniel Lieberman is a Professor of Biology at Harvard.  His book The Story of the Human Body covers our evolution and how evolution doesn’t always catch up with how humans develop.  All of us started as hunter-gatherers.  He explains how athletic skills were important in survival.

Then, we got to farming.  That meant people living closer together and more diseases.

We have inoculations now for those killers like Typhoid and Smallpox.  Now we have avoidable diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and our cancer rates have grown.

While the book can be dense in places, it’s a must read for all of us.

Parents need to read it to be more careful about their kids exercise.  If I were a teenager now, I would have done many things differently.

You also learn everything is a trade off.  We might not be getting Typhoid any longer, but we are getting Cancer and Type 2 Diabetes instead.  We cannot turn the clock back on our modern lifestyle, but acting in some ways like our hunter-gatherer ancestors may not hurt.


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