English: This is my own work, Public Domain Ph...

English: This is my own work, Public Domain Photograph, not copyrighted Philadelphia skyline 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, Philadelphia is the title of a movie and a famous city in Pennsylvania.  (In the colonial era, it was the most important city).

What brought Philadelphia up now?  I was speaking with my bus driver yesterday, coming home from work.  He grew up in South Philadelphia and had just been back there.  He was bemoaning the success, (or lack thereof) of the Philadelphia sports teams.  I asked him what he missed.  He said, “Family and food.”  Of course I had to ask the ubiquitous Philadelphia question, Pat’s or Geno’s?  His answer was Pat’s.

There is my good friend Tereza Eliasz-Solomon who is from Philadelphia.

I don’t know Philadelphia as well as my home town of New York City, but have spent a lot of time there.  When I felt like being silly I would tell my Dad, Marvin Charton, “Dad, I’m going down to Philly for the day.”  “Why,” he would ask incredulously.  I told him I felt I needed a day in the country.  Of course he looked at me as though I had three heads, all of them empty.  (I get that look a lot).

I went down there for Toastmasters events a lot. I’ve been to the Art Museum and Franklin Institute, as well as Eagles and Phillies games.   I am a major fan of Benjamin Franklin.  It is an interesting place, if you’ve never been.




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  1. I should visit there, but I haven’t. My earliest known Steele ancestor came from Pennsylvania. The Steele family moved down to the New York and New Jersey area where other lines of my family were living. That Pennsylvania Steele is the most Northernly of all my ancestry.

    I’ve grown a fondness for Pennsylvania history from reading Fischer’s Albion’s Seed and Woodard’s American Nations. According to those books, much of the Midwestern culture came from the Quaker colony along with the Germans and others who settled there and throughout the Midlands.

    Philadelphia was quite important. The Middle Colonies were the lynchpin of British power. That was what they spent so much money protecting and why they needed to tax the colonies. The other colonies didn’t appreciate that the money spent defending the Middle Colonies was a defense of all the colonies. Those in the Middle Colonies understood this and so were less gung-ho about revolution.

    I’ll eventually travel there. It’s nice to actually see a place you know only from history books.

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