Brooklyn Museum Visit.

My wife Elaine wanted to go to Target in Atlantic Terminal (Across the street from Barclay Center).  She wanted to see at least ONE museum, so I had a brainstorm.  The Brooklyn Museum, three stops farther down the subway line.

I hadn’t been to the Brooklyn Museum in over thirty years.  There are a lot of changes, and it was a great time.  I got my exercise pushing Elaine around in a wheelchair.  I enjoyed entertaining people, as though I were going to rev up the wheelchair and zoom around with it.

We saw most of the museum.  A lot of foreign tourists and schoolkids.  Elaine remarked about the schoolkids that we were that young once.  I smiled, as the teachers were telling the kids to keep quiet.

We saw a variety of exhibits, ranging from Ancient Egypt, to European Painting.  We ate in the Museum Restaurant, which is called Saul.  Not cheap, but we had not spent any money so far.  The food is excellent.  We would have eaten in the cafe, but no seats.  Elaine bought a humorous book about 19th Century Child Rearing and a Brooklyn tote bag.

We got into the museum for free, cause Mom is a member.

Then we went back on the subway to Atlantic Terminal, so we could go to Target and buy some stuff we needed.  We stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get some coffee and sat down. I figured Barclays Center was across the street, so from ten feet away, I rolled up the bag and aimed for the garbage can.  Elaine muttered, “You’ll never make it.”  Fooled her, off the can and in.  The guy sitting with us gave me a High Five.  Elaine didn’t let me get off that easily.  “Let’s see you do that again.”  Young man, remember, women ALWAYS win. 🙂

When we crossed Atlantic Avenue back to the Barclay Center, Elaine realized she had just seen Jay-Z.   Elaine refers to him as Mrs. Beyonce.

A busy but fun day.


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I am originally from Brooklyn, New York and now live in Tucson, Arizona. I have discovered a passion for writing. I have five books out now, with a sixth on the way. Take a look @ my book list: The Search for Livingstone An Affair of the Heart The Search for Otzi Griffith Justice in Space. Moriarty The Life and Times of a Criminal Genius Available now on Smashwords - Amazon and Barnes and Noble As to not bore my public with just "Buy my book," I am also interested in baseball, the outdoors, art, architecture, technology, the human mind and DNA. I learned Ashkenazi Jews, of which I am one, have to lowest rate of Alzheimer's in the world. Therefore, I treat my brain as a muscle needing a workout. I enjoy good food, flirtation, beautiful women (I am happily married for thirty years), so just flirting ;) I was considered autistic when I was young, trying to figure out if I have a mild form of Aspergers and learning from that. That is for future posts. You can also see I love history. Enjoy my sarcastic silly look at the world, and making History more interesting than a textbook.
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