Assad Time Magazine and Israeli Saudi Rapproachment?

I was reading Time Magazine’s Man of the Year issues on the flight home.  They had Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as choice number four.  If it were not so horrific, it would be a bit like having Darth Vader.  (Luke, I am your father).

The article mentioned that Assad could easily surrender the chemical weapons as a bargaining chip, so President Obama wouldn’t blow up his Air Force.  Needs that more to bomb his people.  Also this way, President Obama had to tacitly recognize Assad as the legitimate ruler.

Both the Israelis and the Saudis also realize the US has become war weary, and does not need Middle Eastern oil as much

Now come the Saudis.  Thanks to Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia share foreign policy interests.  Israel wants to be the Singapore of the Middle East.  The plot thickens.  What happens with the Palestinians though to make such an agreement work?  Stay tuned.


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