Clarence King and Ada Copeland. The Trial.

No, this is not Franz Kafka.  That’s a different trial.  In 1933, Ada Copeland Todd King, sued her deceased husband, Clarence King‘s executors.

Her allegation was her husband had a large estate and it was being kept from her.  She

I wont go over the entire trial here, but the upshot was, Judge Shientag ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.    For thirty-three years, Clarence King’s good friend John Hay, then his daughter, were paying Ada off.  There was no estate.  Clarence King died broke and any money he had at the end was from loans.  They were paying Ada off to prevent scandal, which there would have been in that era.  Can you judge them in our Twenty-first century terms?

Clarence King kept saying he wanted the races to mix.  His friends could have dealt with a fling with a Polynesian woman in Hawaii.  Not an African-American domestic, born in Georgia, living in New York’s Tenderloin neighborhood.

English: Image of , the first director of . De...

English: Image of , the first director of . Deutsch: Bild von Clarence King. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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