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There are some nice reviews of my book Moriarty, The Life and Times of a Criminal Genius I would like to share.  They humble me, and I want to thank my reviewers.  It also means I did my job.  Now, I am plotting the sequel.

Moriarty has been for over a century one of the most intriging, captivating, and secretly admired villians in the English language. Unfortunately for Doyle’s readers, his treatment of the “Napoleon of Crime” was all too brief. We’ve longed to know more. Well, here’s our chance.

The book is nicely written, and attempts to answer some of questions as to why and how Professor Moriarty turned to crime. The author, Michael Charton, has done a good job in attempting to answer these questions, and more. His writing style, however, seems a little “light” but, nevertheless, I recommend the book as a good start into the now burgeoning genre of Moriarty and other popular villain books. To overlook this book would be, well, a crime.

What a unique and wickedly brilliant idea. I love everything about it and how he built a credible back story to a villain that there really isn’t much on.

It’s fun to read a book that tells the story from the other side. Michael Charton did a delightful job of building a human story from the pieces left us from the Sherlock Holmes stories. Kudos Michael on a story well told.

iew is from: Moriarty The Life and Times of a Criminal Genius (Kindle Edition)
Wonderful debut!Mr.Holmes, the world’s greatest consulting detective enjoys the adulation that any real rock star envies. Enough is written about Holmes by Doyle himself and not to mention by scores of pastiche writers. But one seldom cares for Prof. Moriarty, Holme’s worthy opponent. Michael Charton has taken it up on him to sketch the evil genius.

No matter how hard I try to think of Moriarty as a Robinhood, he still comes across as a mean con man albeit with a lot of genius. At times, Prof.M is religious to the point of fanaticism.

There are certain episodes that I enjoyed. For example, Moriarty’s tee-a-tee with Freud. To me, Freud’s opinion sums up Prof.M’s character.

I find M’s face off with Boston Brahmin is little too stretched… Otiose

Oscar Wilde is depicted as someone supine and a milksop. In real life, Wilde is feisty and spirited (scandalous too). I was damn disappointed that Wilde is denigrated just to portray M as a ruthless henchman. Creative liberties! I understand.

Mr. Charton has used the socio-political situation of 1800s (Irish famine, Catholic purge etc.,) to shape up the formative years of Prof. M. Goes to show enough homework is done.
I enjoyed reading this book. One of its kind!

Mr. Charton did a great job doing his research for his book. It’s a great read. Like stepping back in time, and imagining what it was like to live in the late 1800’s.
Charton does a wonderful job of blending historical fact with creative fiction to breathe fresh life into Moriarty. As a lover of Sherlock Holmes this book’s a keeper. The author’s engaging style, wit and command of the period makes this sheer pleasure to read.
This was an amazing book and wickedly brilliant! It was a very unique way in taking a villain that we all have heard about but that there really is very little information on and giving him new life. He now as a back story on how he became a criminal genius. One that is credible and very plausible. Michael Charton did an amazing job.
Make your own decisions.  I had a blast writing this.  It’s also learning how to write Historical Fiction.  Making it fun, without making it a textbook.

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