Laws Involving Gays.

Here in Arizona, our Governor may sign legislation, that would allow businesses to not serve gays if doing so interferes with their religious beliefs.

My only take would be of course, silly.  Obviously, if a baker or wedding photographer were asked to work for a same sex wedding, you could figure it out.  Otherwise, two of the same sex walk into your business.  Are the first words out of your mouth, “Sorry, can’t serve you?”   That’s great for business.  You know what they say though, about “Money Talks?”

I posted on Facebook a quip (though not funny for those involved), things could always be worse.  It could be Uganda.  There it is not just illegal to be gay (The other meanings of the word have now been rendered useless in the English Language).  If you know someone is gay and don’t turn them in, you can be arrested.

Isn’t that a jolly set of events?  Two of the same sex area walking together.  Don’t touch accidentally!  You could go to jail or worse.  Even if you are family, don’t say you love each other publically.  You see where this is leading?  Where does it stop?

Then again, Uganda had Idi Amin, so I guess anything is possible.


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5 Responses to Laws Involving Gays.

  1. Soni Cido says:

    Good points! I always figure that if someone is forced to serve, they’ll spit in the food.

    • tucsonmike says:

      Thank you Soni, and I hate to say it, but you are right. If said couple complained, they would just be told, “Go to the Better Business Bureau, I will take the hit.”

  2. I wonder what other people could face being banned (or refused service) from places though, where would it stop?

    • tucsonmike says:

      Some places get around it by posting over their doors, “We have the right to refuse service to anyone.”

      • Such signs usually apply to trouble makers or louts, so that is quite a normal statement for a company in the service industry to make. I wouldn’t want to go into a store that discriminated against a group of people just from some deep seated discrimination/ignorance though. If companies/stores are making judgements on customers then can’t they do it via their experience with that customer, or, how a person is as an individual, not as a collective group? I think that would make more sense.

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