Dead Woman in Michigan. How Well Do We Know Our Neighbors?

Click on CNN for the details.  The question is more:  What in our society led to this?  Her neighbor cut the grass, but didn’t check in on her.  Her accounts were handled by bill pay, not their fault.  She traveled a lot and was a loner, so no one kept up with her.

Only when the money ran out, did anyone notice, namely the bank.  The contractor who found the body, will wonder anytime he is sent in on such a job.

We’re certainly not getting rid of the Internet, so no calls about why the bill isn’t being paid.  The Internet bill pay well ran dry though, so it was noticed then.  There was a front line soldier, the contractor to find the mummified body.

Surely, she had mail and not of the America Online kind.  The United States Post Office still delivers the mail…For now.    Did the mailman just drop it through the slot?

Is the moral to this story, we need community?


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4 Responses to Dead Woman in Michigan. How Well Do We Know Our Neighbors?

  1. you know what’s so sad about this is not only the tragedy of one human life ending in such a way that no one notices but that in our society where there is a larger section of older citizens than ever before and that all sections of society are now incommunicado so this kind of situation is found more and more, in japan they even have specialist firms who go in whenever this is found because there are so many they even specialize in the cleaning of mattresses etc that have been soaked in resultant body fluids that seep out when such a scenario takes places because the bodies often lay undiscovered for a long time, when are we going to realize we need to bring some kind of connection with each other in every part of society and every part the world, until we do there will continue to be tragic circumstances as these, sad tragic but it will continue to happen
    respect to you and good post, take care and have a super weekend

    • tucsonmike says:

      Kezia, thank you for responding. The sad part is, you are so right. I was trying to bring out, in a sometimes sarcastic way, how this can happen. If you have not read the book Bowling Alone, read it. There are many reasons for this disconnection. Thank you again you take care, keep in touch and have a super weekend!

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