Chicagoland, Episode Two.

Well they showed the Blackhawks defeating the Bruins for the Stanley Cup.  I was cheering for the Bruins, but we’ll let that pass.

I miss my friend Joyce Gilbert.  She was the bookmobile coordinator for the Porter County Library System in Valparaiso, Indiana.  We were friends from 1987-1997, when she left us way too soon.  She may have attended The Blackhawks victory parade.  I can’t help but think she put those two goals in for them in the seventeen second stretch.  Now there’s a job for Ghost Hunters.

The Police Commander of Chicago’s Seventh District, meanwhile is putting out fires, meaning gang shootings.  I want to say, “Let the gangsters kill each other, but if they kill innocents, nail ’em”  Fenger High School finally got to have their seniors perform their peace march.

Here’s an outrage for you.  A peace march, and it needs police there, because gang members are shouting things at them, with Principal Elizabeth Dozier telling her kids not to respond.  It was heart warming to listen in on the phone call from Mayor Emanuel.  When you say she is in the trenches, that’s putting it nicely.

Building the new arena.  Again that is the long term.  It’s impossible to meet everyone’s short tern goals.

I enjoyed seeing Google CEO Eric Schmidt visit the high school.  The head of the teachers union got one thing right.  You need to have the business community involved.  Otherwise, she just has a narrow focus of keeping her members in jobs, and not seeing the bigger picture.

The weather is heating up for next week’s episode.



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