Malaysia Airways Flight 370, I Didn’t Wanna Do It, but I’ll Speculate.

My probing (nosy) mind wanted to speculate, but I held off.  As much as I like to use my inquiring mind and probe things, I wanted to let the investigators and searchers do their job. 

     A friend wanted me to speculate though, so here goes.  Of course, as a fiction writer, I have to throw in some prose and show some history.

     Most of the passengers on Flight 370 are from China.  There have been issues between Chinese and Malays.  I need to mention this, because this is where I’m going with this.

     The two pilots closed the cockpit door before takeoff.  “Oh Allah,” they intoned, “Make our mission and journey successful.” 

     They took off and after their last contact with Malaysian towers turned off the transponder.  Now, they could fly freely, they thought.

     I think this is a hijacking with one of two possible outcomes. 

1.  It was a suicide mission, meant to be an attack on Chinese and they are at the bottom of the Indian Ocean as Osama bin Laden is.

2.  They flew to a sympathetic Islamic nation and have the passengers as hostages.

Neither scenario will please Mama China, and when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.




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3 Responses to Malaysia Airways Flight 370, I Didn’t Wanna Do It, but I’ll Speculate.

  1. I don’t know if you saw the news this morning, but two huge chunks of debris were spotted 2500 miles off the coast by Perth. :/

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