What Made the United States Civil Rights Movement Possible?

I asked the question What made the United States Civil Rights Movement possible of my friend and author of African-American History for Dummies, Ronda Racha Penrice.

She reminded me, (I am an old person, I sometimes forget things), that in the book she mentioned the mainstream media covered the movement.

That told me something.  For arguments sake, what if the mainstream media avoided the story altogether?  Or worse, sided with the status quo?

History is never simple.  Many things have to come together.  It’s not as though African-Americans woke up one day and decided to do this.  Hey, we are tired of this.  They were always working for it.  Timing is everything.

One:  You know the old saying, money talks, and something else walks?  When you have economic clout, you can make things happen.

Two:  We fought World War II for “Civilization and Democracy.”  Would look pretty sad, if we preached it to the rest of the world and didn’t do it here.  Makes persuasive arguments more difficult.

Three:  If you’ve ever seen the movie Gandhi, with Ben Kingsley, you realize something.  You can only have peaceful protest in a civil society, with the rule of law.

The African National Congress tried that.  Then something happened in 1960 in South Africa, called Sharpeville.  If the police and/or military, are mowing non violent protestors down, then it becomes a game of “How many are you willing to sacrifice?”

Winston Churchill saw himself as a failure, for not saving India, for the Empire.  He also realized, he would have to have hundreds of Amritsar Massacres to make it happen.  If, he could make it happen.

Depends on the tactics, and the culture involved.    Ronda, please feel free to correct any of this.



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2 Responses to What Made the United States Civil Rights Movement Possible?

  1. “We fought World War II for “Civilization and Democracy.” Would look pretty sad, if we preached it to the rest of the world and didn’t do it here. Makes persuasive arguments more difficult.”

    The US elites, both in politics and the media, were worried about our national image. It is because of this that the government decided to respond less violently than they did at earlier times. And it is because of this that the MSM was so concerned about showing positive social change was happening here. This national image was so strategically important that it had to be heeded.

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