Putin vs. Obama.

Putin vs. Obama.  If you buy, Myers-Briggs, Putin is an INTJ, Obama an ENFP.

President Obama to a degree depends on his charisma winning people over.  Problem is, with Putin, he’s bringing persuasion to a chess match.

I suspect Obama can’t fathom why Putin doesn’t see reason, Putin doesn’t take Obama seriously.

I heard on CNN New Day this morning, some intelligence operatives wonder if Putin may also make land grabs in the Baltics.

It’s easy to see many of Putin’s motives.  He is tapping into Russian angst about not having a powerful world empire.  He is also pushing the envelope to see what it will take to make Obama react.

On the News Hour last night, I saw excepts of a speech Obama made in Brussels.  There, he had a rapt, attentive audience.

So goes the tug of war.  Europe is the rope, Russia and the United States are pulling.  There is all those fossil fuels and who can sell them to Europe first.

There is a secret weapon, and I would love to see President Obama use it.  Her name is Condi Rice.  She’s friends with Putin, speaks his language literally, and has the same sharp chess playing mind.

Understand, I may not approve of Putin, but respect his strategic ability.  President Obama needs to play the game in Putin’s court.




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