Could China and Malaysia Go to War Over Flight 370?

Still looking for the plane.  Knowing some Asian history, I have to wonder (hopefully, I’m wrong), that China and Malaysia could go to war over Flight 370.  As I’ve stated before, wars have started over less.

Exactly a century ago, a Hapsburg Archduke and Duchess were being driven through the streets of Sarajevo.  You know the rest, who would have thought the murder of this couple could spark the madness and carnage of World War I.

What if the Chinese (whose citizens were the majority of passengers on Flight 370) feel they aren’t being treated with respect and China loses face?

There’s a large ethnic Chinese minority in Malaysia and there have been riots against them in the past, where Malays had a blast killing Chinese.  Memories are long in this part of the world.

The longer the “Not knowing” goes on, the more dangerous.  If you see the demonstrations in Beijing, how many more steps would it take to get your public behind you?

I’m just asking questions here.  I hope I am proven wrong.



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2 Responses to Could China and Malaysia Go to War Over Flight 370?

  1. I don’t know about a full-blown war, but whoever decided to text the families about the passengers being presumed dead rather than calling needs to be shot. :/

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