If a Loved One Were on Flight 370, What Would I Want to Know.

I try to fly American or European airlines.  If I ever make it to Israel, of course, El Al.  I have more faith in them, just that simple.

If a loved one were on Flight 370, I would want the following:

1.    Complete disclosure, without fanfare.

2.  I would want to know more about the pilots.  An example?  An Egyptair flight, that went down off Cape Cod in 1999.  It turned out the Co Pilot had just been demoted.  If he was that angry, why was he flying?

3.  Complete updates on maintenance.


I don’t blame the families for their anger and anguish.  The Malaysian Government has a lot of explaining to do.



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3 Responses to If a Loved One Were on Flight 370, What Would I Want to Know.

  1. I’m still reeling over the decision to notify the families of the passengers’ presumed deaths via text. That was totally uncalled-for and an act of cowardice.

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