Chicagoland, Episode Six. Gunshot Victims, Gunshot Repairmen, School Attendance and New Beginnings.

In this episode of Chicagoland, you got to see the survivors of being shot in South Side gang violence.  Then, down the assembly line to Dr. Dennis at Cook County Hospital.  It was nice to see Dr. Dennis and his wife attend the concert in the park.  Then Riccardo Muti, director of the Chicago Symphony spoke about Chicago as a great American city and bringing music to the entire city.

So, yes, I started this with gunshot victims then the gunshot repairmen at Cook County Hospital.

The school attendance goes back to Fenger High School, where Principal Elizabeth Dozier may have to cut positions, because they have lost so much money from too few students attending.  Will have to see if there is an eleventh hour rescue.  I hope so, for her sake.

Eric Wilkins, a gunshot victim himself struggles to keep the peace in his South Side neighborhood and prevent others from getting shot.  One scene made you realize how quickly anger boils over.  These kids have to make the decision to step back from the edge.  I get that it isn’t easy.  I’ve toyed with that edge in my younger days.  So this isn’t abstract for me.  The change has to come from within.  You have to know what you have to lose.

Mayor Emanuel was working to expand the Chicago Transit Authority Red Line and bring stores to neighborhoods without them.  It means jobs and places to shop.

Mayor Emanuel hit the nail on the head, when he said Chicago has to work at it to be a top level city.  It helps that the President of the United States went from Hyde Park Chicago to the White House.



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