Some Brits Think the US is in Decline.

When I asked my friend why she and other British people thought the U.S. is in decline, this was her response:

its because the US are involved in so many foreign wars, so frequently, and mostly in oil rich territories Michael..and the US govt and UK govt are in collusion to get as many resources as possible.This is why Putin has been made to look like a tyrant, same as Sadam, Gaddafi,Syrian president, et al in the last few decades. Every body is bad and the US is saving everybody from themselves evidently? thats the viewpoint here, but obviously the US public are told differently, that Al Quaeda threaten world peace. We understand that Al Qaeda are a CIA creation.

First let me answer all the foreign wars.  That’s a major issue to Americans now.  Many in this country still believe Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and we did the right thing by going in there.

Are the chickens coming home to roost with Al-Qaeda, from arming many of them to fight the Russians in Afghanistan?  Probably.  As for the oil, we are developing enough of our own resources, so we will need foreign oil less and less.

We can’t play world cop any longer, even if so desired.  I have a book for my readers.  Amy Chua (Known by many as the “Tiger Mom).”  The title of the book is Day of Empire.  Would you consider the United States an empire?  Probably not, we only had a brief, limited colonial empire (Philippines, mainly).

Do I think the United States is in decline?  We’ve had setbacks, but we’ve had them before.  I hate being a futurist, because you can only go with the evidence you have.  I think from our history, we will pull through as long as the American Promise is still there.


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