Is the United States an Oligarchy?

Click on Telegraph to read the article in the British newspaper.  Is the United States an oligarchy?  Click on Wikipedia, where we are listed as one.

From the study mentioned in the Telegraph and in Wikipedia, you can say, the answer is yes.  It’s not as though this is new, though.

How many countries are really examples of rule from the bottom?  In the United States, our founding fathers feared rule by the masses.  It was the original reason for the United States Senate, and for the Electoral College system of electing Presidents.

France and Japan are pretty much run by elites who attended the right schools.  Therefore, I ask you, dear reader.  How strange is it really?

If citizens don’t like the direction, they have to do something.  You can’t just complain about it.  On television, if you don’t like what’s on, change the channel.  It has to be constructive.

Is the United States an oligarchy?  By definition, yes, but it always was, it’s just the connections to power changed.  How many people share power regularly?  I do want to counter the Telegraph article in one way.  Please don’t tell me the United Kingdom doesn’t have a ruling elite.





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3 Responses to Is the United States an Oligarchy?

  1. Funny, Bernie Sanders was making the same argument on MSNBC viz-a-viz the Koch brothers. It must be a meme.

  2. Have you seen reporting on the new study that measures the lack of democracy in the US?

    Anyone who has been paying attention and is honest with themselves already knew this. But it is nice to see it objectively tested. This kind of data will force some people into greater awareness, always a good thing.

  3. tucsonmike says:

    The study is interesting. There will always be some sort of elite. Mind you, the elites will change, but they’re there.

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