Jewish Center Shooting and Passover.

The shooting at the Jewish Community Center and senior center, showed several things.  One in our multi cultural origins, they are Jewish facilities, but none of the shooters three fatalities were.  (Of course, that doesn’t change anything, still three lives, including a fourteen year old young man.  His mother’s courage is immense, she lost her son and her father to this lunatic).

It happened the day before Passover.  In the Middle Ages, Passover and Easter meant Jews being accused of blood libel.

The Anti-Defamation League was nervous this year, because Passover falls on Hitler’s birthday, April 20th.  (Too bad, it misses his death date, April 30th).

Lone wolf types are now a major danger.  They aren’t a mob running down the street.  You don’t know where they’re coming from.

This shmuck shouted “Heil Hitler,” from the squad car.  He forgets his hero’s been dead for almost seventy years.  That’s three generations.  I’m still here, fool, where is he?


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