Chicagoland Episode Seven, The Violence Never Ends.

Click on Chicago Tribune for the column by Rick Kogan.  I am using his column to summarize some of the show and throw in my comments.

Before I go into more detail, this isn’t a question I’ve asked, though it should be asked.  What were the show’s producers aiming for?

Now for some comments:

Definitely, I would like to learn more about the young man working at Alinea and the trauma doctor.  As for Asean Johnson click Google, where there are 32k plus possible links.  I liked his Facebook page,  and I check in there sometimes.  I understand, why he feels the way he does, but there is a broader picture.  Again, I just hope he manages to grow up safely.

As for the Principal of Fenger High School Liz Dozier, I just keep asking, “How does she do it?”  These poor kids just want to have a homecoming dance, but the neighborhood is problematic.  I’m cheering for them, but the odds are long.

Again the guns need to be removed from the streets AND these kids have to not want to be involved in gang violence.  Plus how many kids who make it out of Englewood and Roseland will want to return

I found Sally Hazelgrove and her boxing club Crushers Club interesting.  Knowing her motivation would be interesting, but isn’t it a good thing she’s doing it?  Yes, the cynical New Yorker in me says it could always be a front for something insidious, but no one’s proven that.

Cheers to Rob and Amy Castaneda, and why can’t they be shown in Manhattan receiving a well deserved award?  It may help their efforts down the road.

I agree there’s no telling what was left on the cutting room floor.

For Rev. Pfleger, genocide is the wrong word.   As a Jew, I think I know genocide when I see it.  My Rwandan buddy will agree with me on this one.  I looked up Father Pfleger.  He has certain agendas, that’s for sure.

Here are some questions for Rick Kogan from the New York outsider:

1.  What would you like to have seen overall in the series?

2.  What do you think of Mayor Emanuel?

3.  Ask Father Pfleger  what HIS motivations are.

I’m looking forward to the final episode.






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