More on the United States Being an Oligarchy

I thought more about this, because I need to ask the question.  How many people truly want a free for all government?  Don’t you want some experts, who know how to really run things?

I thought of this, when Senator McCain stated we should send small arms to Ukraine.  I think it’s a bad idea, but that’s my opinion.  I’m hardly a policy expert as to whether this is a good idea or not (From what I’ve read and saw on CNN, I think it’s a bad idea).

Those who have the power are going to hold it.  I’ve written this before.  Our system is based on trust.  There’s the famous case, where in the 1830’s, Chief Justice Marshall ruled against President Andrew Jackson deporting the Cherokee.  Jackson said, “He’s made his ruling, but I have the army, let him now enforce it.”

So whether you like the ruling class or not, there will be one, regardless.  What, you think Communism didn’t have one?


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2 Responses to More on the United States Being an Oligarchy

  1. A major has happened, though. The ruling elite have become increasingly transnational. They no longer have any loyalty to any community or nation.

    A local ruling elite is different than a distant ruling elite. Also, we can march on Washington, but we can’t march on a plutocracy that lives in other countries. A local ruling elite has to live with the consequences of their choices. A distant ruling elite does not.

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