Dude, You Asked Miss America to the Prom in Front of Everyone?

I was watching CNN this morning, and saw the story about the York, PA high school student, who asked Miss America out to the prom.

If the audience was pre screened and Senior Patrick Favares already informed school officials, he planned to do it, and they said no, why did school authorities allow him to go.

Miss America was there to speak about specific topics, involving science and technology.  She had a purpose, which he was disrespectful of.

Having said this, young Patrick placed the school in a bind.  Obviously, I want what I write to go viral.  Having said this, notice I just used the term “Going viral.”

Dear readers, young Patrick put the school in a bind.  After Miss America asked the school to be lenient, she, wittingly or otherwise has helped undermine the authority of the school administration.  Patrick Favares may lose some college acceptance or employment later, for not obeying instructions, but for the most part, he may gain big time for his insubordination.

Some of you may consider me an cranky old man.  I’m getting there and I was no saint.  For all the good the Internet has, such a modern news story undermines the authority of those dedicated parents who are trying to teach our kids.  I now understand why I know a lot of ex teachers.  I’ve read about Finland and how educated and respected their teachers are.  Is this any way to run a 21st Century country?



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