Josef Joffe and Why America Will Stay on Top.

This is another recommendation from Fareed Zakaria of CNN.    I just finished his book, The Myth of America’s Decline.

Maybe, we need to feel we are in jeopardy, so we can be motivated to achieve.  Not saying we don’t have issues, but it made me feel happier.


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2 Responses to Josef Joffe and Why America Will Stay on Top.

  1. I do sense something is in decline. The question is exactly what. I generally see two perspectives.

    First, the United States really could be in decline, but more in the way that Rome in its last centuries was in decline. So, we may only have a few good centuries left in us… or maybe a little less.

    Second, it might not just be that the United States is in decline, but that the entire model that this country is based upon is in decline. Depending on how well this country can shift paradigms, it will determine whether or not it shall decline.

    Decline is just another way of viewing change. The world is changing. The world as we know it is doomed, but with danger comes opportunity, with risk comes possibility. If we embrace change, which is far from certain, still great things may be in store for our country. If not, it might get very interesting in a not so fun kind of way.

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