Gentlemen, Do The Honorable Thing.

The President of South Korea has already declared them guilty.  If you are looking for the Anglo-Saxon legal system and innocent until proven guilty, it isn’t happening.

The overturned ferry would seem to be from incompetence.  The captain will have to eat his words from 2010 about safety.  Having an inexperienced third mate steer at night in difficult conditions?  That wasn’t clever.

Those poor parents.  The dead kids are out of it now, the poor parents, (for many of whom, it may have been their only child), get to live with this.

Even when the crew is tried, if they get off, who will hire them?  It’s a culture that values honor and responsibility.  The principal of the school hung himself.  You may consider his only failing not checking the ferry company out thoroughly, but to be fair, I’m not sure how much that would’ve helped.

Gentlemen, the principal of the school had more principles than you.  You might be able to save some of your honor, but time is running short in your culture.



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