Emigrating to China?!

At work, I brought up something I saw in the news.  The Canadian middle class overall, is better off than the American middle class.  One wise cracking co worker said China is going to replace the United States with the world’s largest economy; move there.

I was a Political Science major in college and lived in Taiwan briefly.  My specialty was China.  Why?  I sort of fell into it.  (I received an A in a class in Chinese Philosophy I had to fit in my schedule and I realized I was good at it).

I just finished Amy Chu’s book on empires.  The common theme in an empire for it to be successful is tolerance of different groups.  Can one emigrate to China?

Well, some do illegally, Africans and Southeast Asians in Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces.  Koreans in Manchuria, fleeing North Korea.

I forgot where I read this, but I read under the Tang Dynasty, the capital was one third non Chinese.  Immigrants bring energy and new ideas.

Growing up during the Cold War, I used to joke that between China and Russia, at least if China conquered us, the food would be better.



我是一名政治學專業在大學裡,住在台灣的簡要介紹。我的專業是中國。為什麼呢?我有點掉了進去。 (我收到了一個類A有中國哲學,我不得不適應我的時間表,我意識到我是擅長於此) 。








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