Snooki Can Speak at Rutgers, but not Condi Rice.

Click on the New York Post  One Rutgers student said it best.  They could have paid her with a case of beer.

The Rutgers Administration should be embarrassed.  Yes, I know it is Jersey, Snooki is a Jersey native.  I get that.

This is a university, though.  I like comedy clubs, but they have their place and this wasn’t it.

I can see it now, who was your graduation speaker?  If I paid my student activities fee for this, I’d want a refund.  Who voted on this?

Condi Rice showed the most class, no pun intended.  She feared if she showed up, she would be the story, not the graduates.

My friend Chris Redding corrected me, Snooki is really from Connecticut.  Send the nut back to the Nutmeg State and pay her tolls.

What happens to a Rutgers graduate now, when they want to go to a job, and/or graduate school.  Are they now going to be given a second look?  I keep saying perception is everything.

I live in Tucson, Arizona.  The University of Arizona Commencement is tomorrow.  The speaker?  Slightly more deserving.  She’s only the CEO of the Girl Scouts of America,   A nobody.  University of Arizona Graduate and Eloy, Arizona native Anna Maria Chavez.  Who cares, compared with Snooki eh?  (Felt y’all needed some sarcasm).  Last weekend I went to use the University Library and enjoyed speaking to the graduates, who were their in their caps and gowns to get their pictures  taken.   They may even learn something from Ms Chavez.  What?  Learning something at a university?  Who would have thought.  Congrats to U of A for commencement number 150!  Thumbs up for U of A.  A BIG thumbs down for Rutgers…




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