Autism and Health Problems.

A friend, who has Asperger’s sent me the following article.  Click on John Elder Robison to see it.

I read it and thought, wow, what I think I always internalized and wondered about, but now know

I will go through them and add my thoughts, many being of course, sarcastic, because otherwise it would not be me.


Do autistic adults have more medical problems than the general population?  Lisa Croen thinks the answer is yes.  Dr. Croen is the director of Kaiser Permanente’s autism research program, and she’s studied the health records of 2.5 million adults in the Kaiser system in California.


She presented some of her data at the opening of IMFAR 2014 – the International Meeting For Autism Research, held this year in Atlanta, Georgia.  The findings are sobering, and clearly show the need for further study.


She found that adults with autism were . . .

  • 90% more likely to have received treatment for sleep disorders;  My family used to wonder why I slept all the time.  My sleep apnea was diagnosed, when I was 45 years old.  My wife may have saved my life.  She kept having to wake me up, because I would stop breathing.  We figured out, all that time, I was probably getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night.  Life is sometimes like a nature film.  Dodging danger.
  • 70% more likely to be overweight;  Weight has always been an issue for me, even with being disciplined.
  • 50% more likely to have diabetes;  I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in my twenties, when I was lighter and warned I get diabetes eventually.  At 45, I developed Type 2 diabetes.
  • 42% more likely to have high blood pressure;
  • 24% more likely to have gastro-intestinal troubles.

Managed to avoid those two.


The following is the psychological bad news:

When she compared psychiatric issues the differences were even more unsettling:

  • Autistic adults were 433% more likely to have attempted suicide;
  • 123% more likely to have been treated for depression;
  • 117% more likely to have been treated for anxiety.

I was treated for anxiety.

As I’ve said before, I was born in 1956.  Growing up today, especially if my family were well off, I might have had a very different upbringing.  Might have been sent to something like the Temple Grandin School  In the summer, I might have been then sent to a weight loss camp in summer.  A diabetic diet and an outdoor lifestyle would have had to start early.  I probably would have made other career choices, etc.

Then again, in my case, my Dad Marvin Charton saved me, I don’t think he would have tolerated me going away from home like that.  My Dad and I were close.  Bill Cosby once said about his murdered son, “He was my hero.”  I say the same about my Dad.


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