Isla Vista Killings.

We are having the same talking heads talking about what can be done.   The heartbroken father of shooting victim Christopher Martinez, Richard Martinez hit the nail on the head.  As Toby Keith sings, “A little less talk and a lot more action.”

I read this little punk’s “manifesto.”  I couldn’t believe the sense of entitlement.

I’ve written before.  Click on Aspergers and you will understand this poor Mom’s anguish because of certain news reports about this twerp.  The author Maria Mora fears people will see her Aspergers son as a ticking time bomb.  Why we have to be careful with armchair diagnoses.     Growing up can be difficult enough, without adding these to the mix.   My heart goes out to those poor families.  Their kids were doing the right thing and this happens.

Because this rich kid felt neglected there is a body count.  Like another loser, he committed suicide, rather than face justice.



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