Scottish Independence Vote, September 18th

June 24th will be the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.  On September 18th, there will be another battle.  A battle for something that hasn’t existed since 1707.  Will Scotland become an independent nation again.  There is no longer a Scottish monarch, but that is another matter.

I am an Anglophile, which is why I’m following this and why I care.  I’ve been Googling and reading about the possible effects if Scotland votes yes to independence.

Scottish Independence will not effect me, but it will effect people I know.  I didn’t think of this, but it will effect places, other than Scotland.

Well England, obviously, but as the largest “partner” in the United Kingdom, England on its own would still be a large country, on the level of France and Italy.

Other places that cannot vote on September 18th, 2014, will still be affected.  We are planning a trip to Ireland and Britain next year.  It makes it interesting on what the map will be like.

Scotland is a nation of five million people.  Will it help Scotland to be part of a larger European Union, with its own woes.  I’ve read articles about people in Wales and Cornwall wanting independence if Scotland votes yes.  Problem is, while a flag has fiber in it, it cannot be digested.

Throughout most of history, countries came and went.  For the majority of the population, poor peasants where life was brutish and short, the lord changed, but their lives may or may not have changed, depending on how cruel or kind the ruler was.

Now, it is citizens with a vote.  Sixteen year olds can vote.  I am going to be cranky now, but youth is wasted on the young.

I also read about Northern Ireland, because it was a place we considered visiting and I know people now, through the magic of the Internet.  Why would Northern Ireland be involved or care?

It’s not something I thought about, but here is one for you.  The Loyalist population is afraid about a Scottish independence vote.  Why?  If Scotland becomes independent and there is no longer a United Kingdom, what is a Loyalist loyal to?

Here are some links I found in my travels.

There are more, but you get the idea.


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