Lucky Malaysian Airlines. What if You Are Their Insurance Agent.

     Lucky is a sarcastic misnomer here.  I can’t even begin to fathom this.  two planes in four months. With the second plane, we know exactly what happened.  The women in my life refer to it as “Boys with Toys.”

     The first plane is just gone; like something out of a bad horror movie.  It’s probably at the bottom on the Indian Ocean, with no closure possible for the poor families.

     I know how to swim, but not at 16,000 feet, beneath the waves.  I enjoy eating fish and shellfish as much as the next person, but that is a bit deep.  (Sorry, being very tongue in cheek sarcastic today).

     The second plane, the thugs who shot it down are basically holding it hostage.  The loved ones know where their people lay and where they are finally being taken.

     It is time to weigh options and take care of business.




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I am originally from Brooklyn, New York and now live in Tucson, Arizona. I have discovered a passion for writing. I have five books out now, with a sixth on the way. Take a look @ my book list: The Search for Livingstone An Affair of the Heart The Search for Otzi Griffith Justice in Space. Moriarty The Life and Times of a Criminal Genius Available now on Smashwords - Amazon and Barnes and Noble As to not bore my public with just "Buy my book," I am also interested in baseball, the outdoors, art, architecture, technology, the human mind and DNA. I learned Ashkenazi Jews, of which I am one, have to lowest rate of Alzheimer's in the world. Therefore, I treat my brain as a muscle needing a workout. I enjoy good food, flirtation, beautiful women (I am happily married for thirty years), so just flirting ;) I was considered autistic when I was young, trying to figure out if I have a mild form of Aspergers and learning from that. That is for future posts. You can also see I love history. Enjoy my sarcastic silly look at the world, and making History more interesting than a textbook.
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10 Responses to Lucky Malaysian Airlines. What if You Are Their Insurance Agent.

  1. And what’s really heartbreaking: there’s a family that lost members on both flights. 😦

  2. Its completely tragic and almost unbelievable. I’d like to see those thugs put on a plane, and then make that one disappear into oblivion. Why is it the innocent people in the world have to suffer, as though any Government really gives a damn, so long as it isn’t them at risk. It makes me mad!

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