Stupid Lawyer Jokes.

Most lawyers would not be the victims of stupid lawyer courtroom stunts but here are some.

Lawyer:  How many autopsies do you do on dead people?

Doctor:  We only do them on dead people.  Live ones tend to object.

Lawyer:  Why would they object?

Doctor:  Because it would hurt and it isn’t like the skit in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life.   You can’t live without a liver.

Moral of this story, Doctor.  Only answer yes/no.  Otherwise, you are opening the door to the stupid questions.  Where was the judge in all this.  Oh, under the table laughing.

Here is another one:

Lawyer:  How did you know Mr. Johnson was dead?

Doctor:  Well his brain is in a jar filled with formaldehyde on my desk.

Lawyer:  Why is his brain on your desk.

Doctor:  (Can’t believe what he is hearing and it is time to break out the Pythonesque sarcasm).  He came into my office and said “My brain hurts!”

Lawyer:  You could have given that poor man an aspirin.  I want the good doctor arrested for murder Your Honor!  Your Honor?

The judge is falling all over his desk laughing himself into a possible heart attack.

Moral of story: Make sure growing lawyers got those questions out of their system in law school.  You can see the silliness and possible tragedies that can come out of this.







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