The Triple Package by Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld.

Amy Chua is known by many as the “Tiger Mom.”  Jed Rubenfeld is her husband and they both teach at Yale.  You already have the power couple of New Haven, Connecticut.

The Triple Package is three things that make certain groups in the Unitut ed States successful.  The groups they followed included Jews, Chinese, Indians, Cubans, Mormons and Nigerian Americans.

They may have had to start from nothing.  The Cubans fleeing Castro for example, were successful in Cuba, but had to start on the bottom here.

The Mormons are disciplined and by going on their missions, they learn languages and see more of the world.

The Nigerians are from the two large groups in Southern Nigeria, the Igbo and the Yoruba.

Hey, if these folks aren’t welcome where they’re from, we’ll take them.  The Ottoman  Sultan considered it a gift, when Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Jews from Spain.

Speaking of Jews, I found pages 104 and 105 in the book interesting.  Dennis Prager  on his show talked about how it is the back of almost Jews minds that we can be persecuted, then murdered.  Author Dennis Smith put it differently.  With our history, you don’t want to be anxious or neurotic?  Tough, if you are Jewish you are born into it.  We had Sigmund Freud for a reason.

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