Major Tom Calling Ground Control.

This is how my partner in crime, Jillian, greeted me with an email one morning.  I thought poor Jillian was not on duty at Fagan Door, but floating somewhere in space, and I had to rescue her.

No, she was just giving me a prompt.

Anyone you want to float out into space?

How many losers and rogues does the space ship hold?

Who said anything about putting them IN the ship?

Ah, the mind begs for a short story.  They are being towed, like the advertisements on the planes you see over beaches in summer.  Then you taunt them with, “How’s the ride back there?” 😛

haha yes!

Oh and tell them screw you about the beverage service.

Nah…especially if they think they are getting oxygen masks!

You know how, on the plane the flight attendant demonstrates and they are pointed out?  Here, they are dangled and pulled away.  Like Life of Brian with the Centurion yelling, “Belt up! You’re all gonna die anyway!”

Awesome reference!! “So ya fatha was a woman?”

ROFL!  Centurion, throw him to the floor, hard!  Actually pronounced Fwor and hod, with the lisp

Lol! Imagine if they combined Monty Python with a Boston accent! 

The mind boggles.  You would have to change some of the words to make it work.

Hmmmm…Monty visits Boston?  The bloody RedCoats are coming!! Wankers followed us across the pond!

LOL!  The British Invasion was invaded!  Old North Church has four lanterns.  They double crossed us, they are coming by land, sea and air.


The British are coming!  We ARE the British, you drunken moron, go home and sleep it off!  Well if Scotland votes for independence in September.


Actually, factoid.  The Boston Massacre?  The British regiment firing on the mob was an Irish regiment.

Sometimes oceans are there for a reason…like there was a reason for the continents to separate.  Everyone needs to stay on his or her side of the “pond”.  I sometimes wonder where I’d be today if my ancestors never came to the Americas.

Most of my family remained in Europe.  They didn’t survive World War II.


Learning Channel has a new season of Who Do You Think You Are?  Last night they repeated the one with actor Rob Lowe.  It turned out his five times great grandfather, fought for the British as a Hessian mercenary, was captured, switched sides and joined the Patriots.  Rob Lowe went to Germany, found the village his ancestor was from and it was explained to him, his brother had to join the Army.  There was no future in Germany and nothing to return to.


So from Outer Space to Paul Revere to the Boston Massacre to Europe, the Holocaust the American Revolution and Rob Lowe.  You wont get this education in school.  Let me know what kind of education you DID get from this, other than all over the map.






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