Another Day On New York City Transit.

New York City Transit Speak:  If you can understand, a New York City transit announcement, the speaker hasn’t learned the code yet.  It is supposed to sound like the adults in Peanuts cartoons.

Elevators in the Subway:  With the heat, hope to goodness you are not stuck in them.

The Downtown Platform at 14th Street station on the Lexington Avenue Line.  It is built on a curve.  There is a moving grate, acting as the platform, so there is no large gap between the train and the concrete platform.  The New York equivalent of London’s “Mind the Gap.”

The same female voice has been saying for decades, “Please stand clear of the moving platform, as trains enter and leave this station.”  She is probably long dead, but her voice lives on Downtown Platform, one of Dante’s sub layers of hell.

Women wearing high heels.  You need to be careful.  Standing on the moving platform is probably not a good idea.  Gentlemen, you need to keep an eye on the lovely lady you are escorting.

My wife is from Boston.  Thirty years with me, she has never become accustomed to the New York Subway.  In Boston, there are four lines, they have colors and they don’t change lines.  Confusion is which Green Line trolley you are waiting for, if you going beyond the center of the city, or whether the Red Line train is going to Ashmont or Braintree.   Elaine and I used to wait for Red Line trains and do the Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Knights Who Say Ni!

The “T” short for MBTA or Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, used to change the destination of Southbound trains.  The Ashmont train was now a Braintree train.  We are no longer the train marked Ashmont.  We are now the train marked Braintree!

In the New York Subway, the 5 is now the 2, the A is now the E.  There was the famous Rock Island Song.  The Eastbound train was on the Westbound track, the Northbound train was on the Southbound track, the conductor hollered, “Now ain’t this find, what a peculiar way to run a railroad line.”

Another day, another transit adventure.






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