Ten Thousand Years of Chinese History. 一萬多年的中國歷史。

When I was an Asian Studies major and specialized in China many years ago, DNA was not as involved as today.

Reading Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance, Genes, Race, and Human History, I realized the beginnings of the Chinese people go back ten thousand years, to the excavated village of Banpo.

On page 138, he talks about the fertile area between the Yellow and Yangzi Rivers, suitable for agriculture, which leads to population growth and warfare, which are the two principal propellants of state formation.  The tribal systems fall asunder.

In 2000 BC, it is said there were t.  en thousand tribes or political entities.  Five hundred years later, under the Shang Dynasty it dropped to three thousand.  The Eastern Zhou Dynasty began in 771BC, with eighteen hundred chiefdoms and ended with fourteen.  Under the Warring States period between 475 and 221 BC, it dropped from seven states to one, when the Qin Dynasty became the first of a unified China.  Wade’s premise is warfare made the Chinese state.  The Qin state under Duke Xiao and his minister Shang Yang.

The premise in the book is that hunter gatherers were the majority of human history.  States are formed when agricultural areas unite, but then you have warfare to protect your property.

The genetic self selection would have created a people, who obeyed instructions from the top.

What fascinated me reading about China in this book was how far the Chinese people have come and if there is a genetic reason people act a certain way.




在公元前2000年,據說有噸。 EN千元部落或政治實體。五百年後,在商代就下降到了三千人。東周開始於771BC,與1800酋長和14結束。在475和公元前221年的戰國時期,從七個州下降到1,當秦成為第一個統一中國的。韋德的前提是戰爭使中國的狀態。秦國在肖公爵和他的大臣商鞅。






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