Paved with Bad Intelligence–The Road to Antietam

The sort of thing I enjoy. History. Thank you Jay and Piper.

Bayard & Holmes

By Jay Holmes

September 17, 1862, is remembered by US military history students as the bloodiest day in US history. It should also be remembered as a critical lesson to all members of the US intelligence community and the US military. Even a perfect intelligence windfall can be defeated by habitual bad intelligence.

Antietam National Cemetary image by Acroterion, wikimedia commons Antietam National Cemetary
image by Acroterion, wikimedia commons

On December 20, 1860, the South Carolina state government voted to secede from the Union, beginning the American Civil War with a bloodless political act.

Many Southern politicians guessed that their states, too, could happily secede and slip away from the Union without suffering much loss. Wealthy Southern plantation owners thought that by seceding, they could continue to use slavery as their primary economic tool. Most Southerners did not own slaves or plantations, so the secession concept was marketed to them under the banner of “States’ Rights.” By May…

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