I Need One Million Hotel Rooms.

I’ve been watching Prof. Michael Wood’s series, The Story of China on Public Broadcasting.

Many years ago, I was a Political Science major, specializing in China.   I’m enjoying the series and learning many new things.

I read an article separately, that 400 million Chinese, one third of the population can be shown through DNA to be descended from three men, who lived 5000 yrs. ago, the time of the Yellow Emperor.  You can see the continuity in Chinese history.  It’s one of the things I enjoy studying about it.

Then I read the Kung family has three million descendants.  Who are the Kung’s?  If you’ve heard of some dude named Confucius, that is his family.  Confucius is a Latinized form of Kung Tzu.  Master Kung.  Between meticulous Chinese history records and DNA, you can spot these descendants.  There are six branches of the Kung family.  The majority are in Shandong Province, especially the city of Qufu.  Confucius was allegedly born on nearby Mount Ni.  So now you know where Monty Python’s Knights Who Say Ni, come from, though Graham Chapman would say silly just silly.  There are six branches of the family.  One on Taiwan, and one in South Korea.  There is a branch in a city in Zhejiang province, and two Muslim branches, one in Yunnan, one in Gansu, that has produced Muslim scholars.

Click on Qufu for Wikipedia article with pictures of the family mansion and tombs.

Imagine, the youth in Qufu, who had been protesting against Koreans.  You leave off those protests, your Korean cousins are coming.

Mother, I have Korean cousins?  You get the gist.

So how do you have a family reunion and rent a million hotel rooms and houses?  I’m sure the Chinese database Weibo can come up with a version of  Airbnb.



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