Better Late Than Never Season Two:

Well, it’s Europe, but they added Morocco.  After all, it’s only eight miles from Spain.  Just a detour.

OK, let’s see.  Went to Germany for Henry Winkler, Sweden for Terry Bradshaw, cause he thinks he’s a Viking, until they were run out of the Viking camp.  Lithuania for William Shatner, and George Foreman.  I’ll get to that.

Jeff Dye, well, he’s just a sidekick and arranger.  🙂

Started with Munich.  Pretzels, beer, hangover.  I liked the nurse in the hangover hospital.  I’m in heaven.  No, you’re in Germany.  Oh does that conjure up images.  Terry Bradshaw naked in the park.  You need to know this, because it happens again.  Snowball fights at eight thousand feet on Germany’s highest mountain, looking into other countries, but how would you know the difference, unless you were told?  You just see mountains.  If the mountains are in Italy, is a bowl of pasta superimposed?  There was also the auto race, which was fun.

Then Stockholm.  Let’s see.  The fermented herring sounded fishy to me.  I like herring, but I’m not sure I would like this stuff, based on the reactions.  I already mentioned the Viking camp.  Terry Bradshaw, you’re no Viking warrior.  Then, the meatball restaurant, where the owner told them NOT to play with the balls, though Jeff Dye did a good job as a wide receiver catching meatball passes from Terry Bradshaw in his mouth.  They botched the formal dinner, when their instructor walked out.  Luckily Sweden was not at its imperial peak and Charles XII wasn’t king.  That might have gone badly.  They did well with Abba, though.

Then Lithuania.  The peasant village, well the rich Americans not pulling their weight.  Was touching about the dancers from the village William Shatner’s family came from.  George Foreman meeting the family of the boxer he fought in the 1968 Olympics.  He got to see the Lithuanian Boxing  Society members, but only after they had to judge goats.  They were goaded into that.  I knew the entrance to Russia was fake.  No sign of the big city of Kaliningrad, Konigsberg traditionally.  The mock KGB camp did put a good scare into them.  Only the pedantic history buff, (me) would know this.

Next, back in Germany, Berlin.  My goodness, Today show and Al Roker are there, surprise, surprise.  🙂  Terry Bradshaw as a Bear, not a Steeler?  (He wore a bear costume, bears are the symbol of Berlin).  When he took the head off, I liked the man who playfully asked, “So this is what you do in the off season?”  Fox Sports doesn’t pay enough, so Terry Bradshaw has to fly to Berlin and moonlight.

It was touching finding the stones in the street in front of where Henry Winkler’s family lived in Berlin and the letter left for him.  When they dressed up for the comedy club, that was great.

When William Shatner and Henry Winkler are shown sitting together chatting, I remember my Brooklyn roots.  The two old Jewish guys sitting on a bench on Eastern or Ocean Parkway.  (Two wide Brooklyn streets, with sidewalks and benches, for old Jewish guys to sit and kibbitz).  Just add Bernie Sanders to the mix.  I can see them sitting their and arguing.  I remember arguments like “What do you know?”  Kids knew not to throw their two cents in.  If was free entertainment.

Next stop, Spain:  Two stops there, first Barcelona.  Barcelona is still part of Spain, Catalonia hasn’t broken away yet, well certainly not if Spain has anything to say about it.

I admired Terry Bradshaw having the courage to do the para sailing.  Except as in Munich, he lost his pants.  Not sure what a shrink would say about it.

All that food.  Hey, looked interesting.  Then there was the art.  The Gaudi building, and the sculpture class where…Henry Winkler was the naked model?  Poor George Foreman, passed out as though Ali hit him.  Well George Foreman can sleep anywhere.  Must be imitating knockouts.

The human tower was amazing, poor Terry Bradshaw couldn’t look as the little girl climbed all the way to the top.

Then down the road to Madrid.  Bullfights.  They all managed to survive.


Ah, now Morocco, exotic, William Shatner kissing the cobra on the lips?  Don’t the red shirts in Star Trek normally pull stunts like that.  The Go Kart race was fun.  The wishes they got, especially the visit to the boxing gym.

Will there be a third season?  I hope so.  I have two suggestions for trips.

  1.  Israel:   George Foreman is the most recognized group member.  Terry Bradshaw the least.  I’ve read American Football is catching on in Israel, with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft paying for football fields and bringing NFL Hall of Famers to Israel.  Terry, may finally get some respect, like Rodney Dangerfield.  Shatner and Winkler are both Jewish, George Foreman is an ordained minister.  Jeff Dye can ogle the gorgeous women in the Israel Defense Force, (Careful Jeff, they have guns).
  2. More of Africa.  Have George Foreman’s DNA done and see if a specific African group in a specific country can be traced.  Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, (In the 1970’s. Zaire), where George Foreman fought Ali in the “Rumble in the Jungle.”  Then, maybe Nigeria, and definitely South Africa.


Not sure how the countries are normally chosen.  For example in Europe, would have expected France and the United Kingdom  Who asked me?

The show’s funny.  None of the United States Ambassadors to these countries have been called in to explain this, nor are Ambassadors from these countries camped out on the State Department doorstep, though there’s always a first.

Keep it up, gentlemen.  The show’s funny, and we have to keep our Ugly American image, somehow!  Thank you for the fun.










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